Marley and Kumiko’s view from their kitchen window

Salary Man and Holiday Man

Vending ticket Soba Noodles for breakfast

Akihabara,Tokyo: Electronics District.. or as the locals call it ‘Akiba’

Comes in small, medium…

…and large breast sizes.

Bruce Willis ‘Yippie Ki-Yay’

‘Laugh out Loud’

Hamish with his manga idol ‘Kenshiro’

‘Fists of the North Star’


“I have my freedom, my panda and my soup ladle…yay!”

‘Go-Go Gadget Glasses’

“Hanko” stamps

More assorted Hanko or signature stamps

“You forgot your book!” .. at least we think that is what he said… Still yet to pick up our custom made stamp!

Kimono Couture: only ¥157,500 Yen for a hand bag!!

Traditional Kimono

Tsuzureya, Ginza, Tokyo

Reserved Parking

Just a little pedestrian safety signage!

“Fugu” Fish (famous for being fatal) – we chose to give it a miss!

Hachi Hachi Meat, Kanda, Tokyo – cool facade!

Mini ‘Combi’

Giraffe Statue, Yaesu, Tokyo

Urban Camouflage

“Komomaki” is this rice straw mat wrapping. They are a pest-control measure, put on the tree during winter, creating a place for insects to lay their eggs. It is removed in the Spring and the eggs are burnt with the straw.

Louis Vuitton, Ginza, Tokyo

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