Marley, Alecia & Kumiko, Ishikawacho station

REAL Bentos!

Little ducklings

Tsurugaoka Hachiman-Gu Shinto Shrine in Kamakura

The Akabashi Bridge, originally only to be used by the Shogun… everyone else used the bridges on the sides

Our hosts and expecting parents; Kumiko & Marley

‘Omikuji’ are random fortunes written on strips of folded paper

Awkward 3 way bag hug in front of blossom tree

Sake. Lots & lots of Sake…

“Saka-Daru” – decorative sake barrels offered to the Shinto deities.

Plastic bamboo flag poles

‘Hongu’ the main worship hall in Tsurugaoka Hachiman-Gu Shrine

“Ema” – Shinto wooden prayer plaques

Hot potato stand

Sneaky pic of the dude in the background’s printed head to toe outfit

Mini truck

We had the joy of an incredible authentic soba lunch at a tiny traditional restaurant run by Kumiko’s client’s family. YUMMM!

Special home-made warm Shōchū was complimented by the most beautiful presentation and warm, genuine service

Cold Soba noodles with tempura

Alecia’s mini escape hatch…

A traditional Japanese running shoe last – Gabby this one’s for you!

Running taxi guy… superfit!

The ‘Jikatabi’ running shoes themselves!

For that tough day at the office…

Taro and vanilla ice-cream… YUM!!

Marley & Kumiko in front of The Great Buddha at Kōtoku-in Temple, Kamakura

Inside The Great Buddha bronze statue

The Great Buddha Amida Nyorai, also known by the locals as Kamakura Daibutsu

Blue shoes all round!

“Noh” or “Nogaku” carved wooden mask

Hasedera or “Hase-Kannon” Temple in Kamakura

Japanese precision paving. Amazing!

Nagomi Jizo Statue in Hasedera Temple

The Kannon-Don Hall, Hasedera Temple

The Benten-Kutsu Cave in Hasedera Temple

Some wishes at the shrine are not so altruistic…but honest

Rich blue ceramic roof tiles

Bamboo shaped tiles

Daifukumochi Cakes with red bean and sesame – for Amy B-A

Cafe’s built for people of a different stature!

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2 thoughts on “DAY 3: SHRINES, SOBA & SHOES

  1. love your ‘dress over jeans’ look here 🙂 Haven’t been to Kamakura, looks fab. Must go before we leave. Love the ‘Alecia peep hole’ at the soba restaurant! How did your looooong legs cope sitting on the floor, tatami-style? Even I can’t handle it for long! :-/

    • I take no responsibility for my bad fashions in Japan! I was expecting spring! wasn’t prepared for freezing non Lappish snow-adventure! Only full snow or Mediterranean-summer-balminess! Ce’st la vie!
      That restaurant was super tiny! A bit squishy for the old stems! Lucky I had that little corner to lean back on 🙂 you can see how small from the outside photo.

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