Yep… frantically running with our suitcases to catch our train… Couldn’t believe it! We didn’t realise ours was the gazillionth carriage and that it would take us 10 minutes just to run to it!!

Ooh! snow!

More snow!

More snow!

Our train arrives in Rovaniemi, the Capital of Lapland. I can’t see the end of the train can you?!

We slept like babies on this… hands down best train ever!

You can spot the Japanese a mile away!

Hamish realises that the Arctic Circle really is COLD…and that all my stressing about getting gloves, thermals, scarves & warm coats before we left was warranted! ehem!

Snow boots!

Yes we are actually in The Arctic Circle… but still a bit further to go..

Notice how awake we look for 5.30am? Snow will do that to you..LOVE it!

Fox furs at the local market.

POLAR water!!!

Just 250kms North of the Arctic Circle to go…

A different kind of road traffic around these parts!

Alecia looking in awe!

Destination Saariselkä, Kakslauttanen!

This is our stop!

Our place 🙂

“Ice-block” mean something different to the Lappish…

Very literal toilet signage… well no-one will get confused with that one!

Amazing ice sculpture of a mermaid carved from a single block of ice that they crane-lifted from the lake!!

Hamish in front of the Ice Chapel

Hamish writing Alecia’s name on the beautiful Ice Chapel

Alecia finds her name on the beautiful Ice Chapel!! Guess what that word on her lips is…

Alecia tries to remove her name from the beautiful Ice Chapel

Traditional Lappish farmer log house…

… Hamish thought they may have farmed snow


Action photography

Snow Igloo bed. Snow Igloos never fall below 5 degrees Celsius in temperature… cool!


Inside the Ice Chapel

This “bath” is cut through 1m of ice into the lake. Yes there are fish and things down there…

“So what you do is go to the Sauna and then jump in here for a bit…”

After Hamish tackled Alecia onto the ice. Sore lower back for weeks…

The largest smoke sauna in the world!

Local transport!

Kakslauttanen coat hooks

This is a traditional cloak from the Samoyed tribe, the Sami people are the indigenous population in the area

Before ‘Mr Kantong’ sweet & sour chicken dinner…

Amazing ceramic lampshades by…

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One thought on “DAY 10: HELSINKI TO LAPLAND

  1. gorg close up of Muz with ear muffs and snow in hair. LOVE!

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