Scrumptious free Caffarel Italian chocolates from Cafe Signora, really good coffee there as well 🙂

Bar Isoroba, with some cool posterage

Blinging back the 80’s at UFF

Hamish in his dashing new scarf

It’s all about the details

National Museum of Finland

We met this bear just hangin’ out for a cuddle out the front of the National Museum – sculpted by Emil Wikström.

The ceiling is decorated with ‘Kalevala’ inspired frescoes painted by artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela

At the front entrance, the door has a hole from when a gunshot was fired during the 1918 Civil War

Getting his groove on…

Finlandia Hall designed by Alvar Aalto

Finlandia Hall is a concert hall with a congress wing

Architecture nerds alert! The cladding shows the slight curvature of the Carrara marble

They have precision tiling in Finland too! View onto Töölönlahti Bay

The Finnish National Opera designed by Architects Eero Hyvämäki, Jukka Karhunen and Risto Parkkinen


Tram lines

Such a cool idea! We saw these birds mounted on to the rock surface just outside of ‘Arabiankatu Arabiagatan’ tram stop

Arabia Factory

Just in case gravity ceases to exist these giant airbags will save the day…

Drool…The Aalto Vase

Iittala’s ‘Kivi’ on display to the left by designer Heikki Orvola, and to the right the ‘Maribowl’ designed by Armi Ratia, founder of Marimekko…YUMMM!

Iittala’s ‘The Aalto Vase’ designed by Alvar Aalto – obsessed much!?

Iitalia’s ‘Vitriini’ by designer Anu Penttinen, we want the WHOLE set!!!

Cool topographical artwork in the Arabia factory

‘Arabiankatu Arabiagatan’ tram stop

Alecia’s first whole beer EVER at Manala restaurant

Herb butter was one of our favourite things we ate on the whole trip… we’ll be making this one at home!

Reindeer with lingonberries and mash… I think we gained a few kilos just looking at it!

‘Story of bones’ exhibit at the Finnish Museum of Natural History – raargh!

Colour & print JOY! Marimekko’s flagship store – I promise we were good! only 2 pieces of fabric…

Building on Pohjoiseplanadi, Helsinki – say that five times fast… or even once!

‘Cat-hanger’ (for you Shell)

Colourful archery arrows at Louis Vuitton window display

Cuute easter ducklings at Aarikka store

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3 thoughts on “DAY 15: HELSINKI – 2012 DESIGN CAPITAL

  1. It’s just like Hokkaido… snow, bears…. errr… but that’s where it ends. So much coolness! Love the Carrara marble! I went through there on a train once. Love the ‘viitrini’! Amazing! How much were they? I thought Marimekko was Japanese – it sounds it, don’t you think? There’s a big shop in Sapporo… must go in next time! 🙂

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